July 10, 2022

Top Five Travel Destinations Worth Saving For

Author: Top Five Travel Destinations Worth Saving For

If you are one of those people who identify with the saying: “Jobs fill your pockets, but adventures fill your soul” and are filled with a wanderlust to explore all the world has to offer, then today’s Top Five Travel Destinations worth saving for will definitely get you setting up a new travel bucket list. Here we go!

5. Bora Bora (South Pacific)

Besides being fun to say, this 6 mile stretch of French Polynesian islands is small, but beautiful. It has a dormant volcano poking out of lush jungles, is dubbed the most beautiful island in the world and was referred to by the 18th Century explorer James Cook as ‘the pearl of the Pacific.’ You can hike and snorkel in this island paradise to your heart’s content. Because it’s small, it’s main industry is tourism and that makes this destination a bit pricey. So, you’d better start saving, but we promise it’s worth it.

4. Turks & Caicos (Caribbean)

This Caribbean destination is home to some pleasant 80-degree weather and also some disruptive hurricanes, so unless you’re a bit of a thrill seeker, visit Turks & Caicos around April and May and you will find calmer weather, fewer crowds and cheaper prices. Lie on miles of blinding white sand, and bask in this island’s rep as a secluded and exclusive breakaway.

3. Glacier National Park (North America)

Located on the border of Canada and Montana, this ‘Crown of the Continent’ offers hiking trails ranging from easy to challenging, but all of them offering sweeping views of their 700 lakes, waterfalls, mountain ranges and wildlife. The parks lodges, chalets and hotels were built in the 20th Century and are on the National Register of Historic Places.

2. Santorini (Europe)

No destination wish list is complete without an entry from a gorgeous Greek island. Known in Greek myths as the site of the lost city of Atlantis that crumbled into the sea around 1650 BC, this whitewashed metropolis now consists of two islands and many islets. Their colourful black and red beaches are a must see and the archaeological sites are breath-taking. Don’t rush your visit to this island – there’s a lot to see and do. 

1. Bali (Asia)

Or otherwise known as ‘Heaven’. This oceanfront holiday destination is filled with luxury resorts, decadent cuisine and active volcanoes, plus some fun night life. Spend your days lazing on sandy shores hugged by turquoise waters or respectfully bartering at local markets. Their cuisine is heavily Indonesian, with Chinese and Indian influences, which includes; rice, vegetables, meat or fish, and loads of spices. Bali is the stuff of your dreams, so book your ticket for this magical destination today and experience a slice of the good life. 

And that’s it – our Top 5 Places to Visit around the World; some pricey, some chilly, some adventurous, but all downright beautiful and definitely worth saving for.

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