July 10, 2022

Top Five Reasons to Get an Electric Car

Author: Top Five Reasons to Get an Electric Car

Generating electricity is a modern technological miracle and with the revolution of the electric vehicle, many consumers are wondering if they should stick to their internal-combustions or take the leap into the future of driving. So, here’s a quick plug for the electric car and our Top 5 Reasons why you should consider getting one:

5. Zero Emissions (Of course)

We’ve been hearing about greenhouse gases and global warming for years, and it’s no secret that electric cars emit none of these. Less emissions means less air pollution and also a healthier you, as the exhausts from combustion engines emit harmful fine particles of carbon monoxide that can cause headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue.

4. Mileage Range

Never mind the nay-sayers and talk of electric car battery levels. These vehicles actually go a long way. The Nissan LEAF e+ offers up to 239 miles on a single charge which on a rapid charge takes only an hour. You can also charge most electric vehicles at a fast or rapid charging point at a fuel station or service point to around 60% in roughly 30 minutes which should get you roughly an additional 150 miles.

3. A Smooth Ride..

The noise an electric vehicle makes is so minimal that manufacturers are beginning to add sound generators so that people walking in the street and driving around them are aware they are there. The only sound the electric motor makes is a faint whirring sound – like the fan in your computer – so you’re super comfy in the cabin. The suspension is firm in order to carry the weight of the batteries and because the motor takes up less space than a normal engine, there is plenty of space in the passenger compartment.

2. Low Running Cost

Charging your car at home will cost just a few dollars, which is significantly less than filling up your car to run the same mileage. This will change depending on how, when and where you charge, as it would with filling up your car at a different petrol station, but would still come out tops compared to what you’d fork out for petrol.

1. Tax Credits

In what universe can you get tax credits for driving..? You can when you purchase an electric vehicle.. Car owners could receive up to $7500 back in federal tax credits for buying an all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. That’s right! You can get paid to help save the environment and drive a rocking EV.

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