August 9, 2022

Top Five Most Deadly Travel Destinations

Author: Top Five Most Deadly Travel Destinations

Welcome back to the Top Fives. Today we are counting down our Top Five Most Deadly Travel Destinations. Let us know in the comments below which travel destination you think is the most dangerous.

5. Stairway to Heaven (Hawaii)

This steep mountain trail was closed in 1987 after a lack of maintenance rendered it unsafe. 3,922 stairs lead up an imposing mountain ridge sometimes at an almost vertical incline with only a small handrail to catch you from falling into the valley below. The hike recorded a number of deaths and numerous injuries while it was still open, despite it being officially banned it still attracts numerous adventure seekers who risk the $1000 fine if caught, to catch a glimpse of the spectacular views.

4. Area 51 (Nevada)

While it isn’t exactly an exotic travel destination this top-secret government location is off limits to the public and anyone who trespasses will be arrested. This happened to two YouTubers in 2019, after they tried to sneak into Area 51 and were caught recording on the grounds. What really goes on there? We’ll never know. 

3. Vortex Spring (Florida)

Vortex Spring is a series of complex caves only accessible to professional divers. Tragically in the 1980s 13 people died in the vortex and as a result certain sections are permanently blocked off with a very blunt sign featuring a Grim Reaper and the words ‘prevent your own death, go no further’. Of course, that doesn’t stop everyone and as recently as 2010 a novice diver named Ben McDaniel braved the underwater caves and was tragically never seen again.

2. Bolton Strid (Yorkshire, England)

Six feet wide and incredibly dangerous. Don’t be fooled by the beauty of the Bolton Strid it is said to be the most dangerous stretch of water in the world. At first glance, it looks like a nice paddling stream, but underneath the water churn strong undercurrents that will toss you back and forth like a ragdoll. It is so dangerous it has been claimed that the Strid has a 100% fatality rate with no-one surviving a plunge into its depths.

1. Secret Cave – Utah

The caves of Utah have seen a number of deaths and numerous injuries over the last 20 years but one of the most tragic occurrences happened on the 17th of August in 2005 at the Secret Cave near Brigham Young University. Four friends attempting to visit the cave, dared the underwater swim through the 15 foot long and 20 inch wide passage. The fifth member of the group who had decided to hang back called for help when the rest of the group didn’t return from the swim. Police drained the water and found the bodies of the four friends stacked against each other in the small channel the leader had gotten stuck and subsequently drowned everyone behind them. Needless to say the cave has been closed to the public since.

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the Most Dangerous Vacation Spot?

And the winner of the Worlds most dangerous vacation spot is… Death Valley in Eastern California. Officially the hottest place on earth this sunbaked spot has reached temperatures of 134°F (57°C) making it basically uninhabitable for humans.

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