September 8, 2022

Top Five Medieval Towns in Croatia

Author: Top Five Medieval Island Towns in Croatia

Welcome to the Top 5s channel today we are counting down the Top Five Medieval Island towns in Croatia you need to visit. Visiting these towns will take you through a time unmatched in terms of rich history and culture.

5. Pag

Known for its moonlike landscape, archeological sites, 15th-century church, Roman ruins and sandy beaches. Pag is located on the northern Adriatic Sea and is a medieval lover’s paradise in the wintertime! It’s magic when you see and hear the strong winds brush their way through the town, sea, and rocky limestones while it’s quiet. 

4. Istria

In the North-west corner of Croatia, located on an enchanting peninsula is the heart-shaped Town of Istria. Known for its roman heritage, stone villages rising from hilltops, olive groves, beautiful beaches, wineries and Castles built in the Middle Ages. The neighbouring town of Pazin is also a must-see as it holds the Pazin Castle; the best and largest preserved fortification from the medieval times in the region.   

3. Rovinj

Rovinj is a cramped port City filled with antique houses, cobbled streets, medieval architecture and a church on the hilltop overlooking the picturesque City. Unlike many other old Croatian Island Towns Rovinj has no defensive walls but is a visitors dream because of the mystical atmosphere, churches, ancient buildings built by the Romans and rocky beaches. 

2. Split

A large portion of Split’s Old Town was built around the Roman Emperor Diocletian’s palace and the remains of this amazing palace are worth visiting. Seize the day by exploring the history and magic of this enchanting City in the early hours of the morning or later in the evening.

1. Dubrovnik

At the top of our list is the beautiful walled medieval City of Dubrovnik which is known for its beautiful baroque structures and historic old town district. Visitors describe this rocky city as stepping through time and back in to the Middle Ages. Places like West Harbor and Lovrijenac Fortress which was used in the Game Of Thrones series, are both magical spots to visit and experience!   

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Frequently Asked Question:

What is the oldest city in Croatia?

Zadar located on the Adriatica Sea in the Dalmation region in the North-western part of Croatia is the oldest continuously inhabited City in Croatia. It was founded in the 9th-century BC by the Illyrian tribe of Liburnians and later renamed Ladera when it became a Roman Municipium.

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