July 10, 2022

Top Five John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous Moments

Author: Top Five John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous Moments

John Mulaney has an instantly recognizable style and cadence to his modern stand-up special Kid Gorgeous. This special features some clever American politics pokes (without ever namedropping) and the best of his observational humour, with some signature John Mulaney craziness and explosive energy. Here are our Top 5 favourite moments from Kid Gorgeous:

5. On College – Kid Gorgeous (John Mulaney)

Although one might find it hard to picture John Mulaney as anything but an adult, this dive into his peculiar college experiences changes that. 

“It’s like, look, if you’re an adult still giving money to your College, College is a $120,000 hooker and you are an idiot who fell in love with her.” It’s hilariously true if you went to university and spent bucketloads on tuition and easier to laugh about if you didn’t.

4. The Robot Test – Kid Gorgeous (John Mulaney)

That observational humour of his comes to life in this hilarious sequence, where he cries for the necessity for humans to prove to computers that they are not robots before viewing their own content.

3. Mick Jagger – Kid Gorgeous (John Mulaney)

Beginning his career as a staff writer at Saturday Night Live has provided Mulaney with some interesting stories, like the time he encountered Mick Jagger which just added to the weirdness of the job. This iconic impression of the Rolling Stones legend is one of the most quotable acts of all time and has gone on to be used in countless meme’s.

2. Street Smarts – Kid Gorgeous (John Mulaney)

His tangent on Stranger Danger and the detective who tried to teach 7 year old Chicago students some street smarts all the while traumatising them along the way, involves a three-piece suit, a cowboy hat and details on how to almost get kidnapped and some of Mulaney’s greatest story telling, with impressions and hyperboles in that stylish John Mulaney way.

1. Horse in a Hospital – Kid Gorgeous (John Mulaney)

Comedians have loved using Donald Trump in their material ever since his election in 2016. John Mulaney, true to his uniqueness and talent as a comedian, compares the president to a ‘horse loose in a hospital’. This political comment with subtle Trump opposition, doesn’t discriminate against either side of the argument but cleverly makes light of the political atmosphere for everyone regardless of your political standing.

If you are a John Mulaney fan Kid Gorgeous should definitely be on your list of specials to see and don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter at the bottom of this page to get our latest posts and Top Five videos.

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