August 24, 2022

Top Five Inventions that Could Change the World

Author: Top Five Inventions that Could Change the World

Welcome back to the Top Fives channel. Today we are featuring the Top Five Inventions that Could Change the World. Which one are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments below.

5. Emotional Artificial Intelligence

We find AI everywhere, from Google Maps to social media. However, Emotional Artificial Intelligence takes things a step further by collecting data from faces, voices, and body language in order to measure human emotions. A lab at MIT is developing a wearable device that will gauge your mood and emit a scent based on your mood, like lavender for anxiety. 

4. Gene Predictions

In the future health predictions could be made based on a person’s genome. Diseases like heart disease or diabetes might be predicted far in advance and pave the way for faster treatment and personalised medicine.  

3. Robotics

While robots might not be anything new, the field is progressing quickly. NASA is sending robots of all kinds into space which will sooner than later retire the profession of astronauts. Even the military is getting in on the action with a robotic dog being put up for sale by Boston Dynamics a few months ago and creating a whole lot of excitement. 

2. 3D Printed Food

3D Printing technology is advancing at breakneck speed and the field of 3D printed food is the latest innovation from the space with things like hormone free meat being printed in Labs. It works much the same as the printing filament of a regular 3D printer, with a viscous material deposited onto a surface area to create the final object ready for consumption or cooking.

1. Green Tech

Denmark, Sweden and Israel are leading fight against global warming with green technology, by using our waste to generate electricity or recycled plastics to make materials that can pave roads and sidewalks. Green technology encompasses fields like energy, atmospheric, science, agriculture, material science and hydrology and can significantly reduce the impact of humans on the natural environment.

Frequently Asked Question:

What would be a good invention for the future?

Our pick of a good invention for the future is the Edible water blob. There are a number of early prototypes that are being ready for general consumers but we expect to see this technology improve massively and decrease our reliance on plastics water bottles.

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