September 5, 2022

Top Five Highest Risk Tourist Destinations

Author: Top Five Highest Risk Tourist Destinations

Welcome back to the Top Fives channel! Today we are journeying to the Top Five Highest Risk Tourist Destinations in the World.

5. The Queens Bath, Hawaii

Also known as ‘the pool of death, it is situated on the island of Kauai surrounded by indigenous rock and natural fauna. Beautiful and dangerous it is a sinkhole with powerful currents also known as the “death pool” by locals because you will be “swimming with the dead who were never found”. Rumours have it that over forty people have passed away in the last three decades swimming here.  

4. Cape Tribulation Beach, Australia

Thinking of going on a beautiful tropical island getaway? Well, think carefully before entering Cape Tribulation beach.  Almost everywhere you go here, you’re in danger, from the plants that make you itch to dangerous aquatic and on-land wildlife. If you forget about the danger factor, don’t worry, the warning signs all over the Beach will remind you!   

3. North Yungas Road, Bolivia

The only thing more frightening than the recent gas price increases is the road between Lapaz and Coroico. Imagine a mountain road 4650 m  high and as narrow as 3m wide in some parts; welcome to the road of death! The road is said to take the lives of approximately one-hundred people every year. 

2. Hua Shan Mountain hike, China

If you’re up for the challenge try climbing 2154 m on the side of Chinas 7000ft peak Mount Hua. Even though Hikers are harnessed throughout the experience, it is dubbed ‘the world’s most dangerous hike’ and said to kill over 100 people annually.

1. Death Valley, Eastern California

Known as the hottest place on earth, reaching temperatures as high as 134.1°F, it is appropriately named ‘Death Valley’ and claims the number one spot on our list. The heat is not the only danger here, there is also high chance of car accidents, encountering deadly wildlife and even a chance of going missing. It attracts thousands of visitors every year that want to add the Worlds deadliest Valley to their bucket list for some it ends up being their last entry.  

Thats all for today, let us know in the comment section below which one you would be up to visit. 

Frequently Asked Question:

What is the Worlds most dangerous Country to visit?

Topping almost every list in the World is the volatile Afghanistan with Syria named the second-most dangerous destination to visit, followed by Libya, Central African Republic and then Iraq.

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