August 12, 2022

Top Five Funniest Moments from the Office

Author: Top Five Funniest Moments From The Office

Welcome back to the Top Fives channel. Love it or hate it The Office is a cult classic and today we are featuring our Top Five Funniest Moments From the hilarious TV series. Let us know in the comments below which one you found the funniest.

5. Diversity Day (Season 1)

Michael Scott gets the office to celebrate diversity day by using ‘race cards’, which people must stick on their foreheads and guess what race they are based on how others describe them. The scene features brilliant staff interaction and culminates in Michael receiving a well deserved slap from Kelly. 

4. Jim Imitating Dwight (Season 3)

Jim’s pranks on Dwight are a definite show stand out, but in season 3, Jim comes to work dressed as Dwight – glasses and all – and proceeds to imitate his mannerisms. Dwight tries to keep his cool before exploding and claiming identity theft, which Jim then proceeds to mock as well.   

3. Fire Drill (Season 5)

Dwight takes revenge on the lack lustre response to his fire safety talk by creating realistic fire conditions to teach everyone a lesson. Naturally, chaos ensues and Dwight’s clever heating of the doorhandles means that no one can open a door to get out. Believing they’re all trapped, Oscar breaks through the ceiling and Stanley even has a heart attack. 

2. Kevin Tries Broccoli (Season 7)

After New Year’s resolution are promptly broken in the New Year, including Michael’s love interest Holly failing to set an ultimatum with her current boyfriend. Michael take’s his frustrations out on Kevin who resolved to eat more vegetables by forcing him to eat raw broccoli in front of everyone. His strangled `You said you’d do it!’ is clearly aimed at Holly.

1. Asian Jim (Season 9)

The Office’s final season sees another cold open prank on Dwight when a strange Asian man takes Jim’s desk claiming to be Dwight’s long-time co-worker, the man’s freaky knowledge about Jim’s job and Pam’s treatment of him as her husband with them even sharing kiss sends Dwight into a tantrum. The details put into the prank which include a replacement family image of Pam, Asian Jim and their kids on his desk takes this prank to the next level.

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What is the most liked episode of the Office?

Nobody likes a Goodbye in real life, but they are apparently very popular in series. Michael Scott’s final episode on the Office is tied for first place as not only the most watched episode of the series but also the most liked.

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