July 28, 2022

Top Five Features of the iPhone 13 Pro

Author: Top Five New Features of the iPhone 13 Pro

Everyone is raving about the iPhone 13 Pro and its capabilities, here are your Top Five New Features of the iPhone 13 Pro.

5. A15 Bionic Processor

This chip boosts the iPhone 13 Pro with a six-core GPU and 6GB of RAM, which gives the phone about 34% more graphics power than the iPhone 13, and the 6GB of RAM means that more apps can run in the background for longer.

4. Battery life

Thanks to its larger battery and A15 chip, the iPhone 13 Pro can offer 22 hours of video playback compared to the iPhone 13’s 19 hours and 17 hours on the iPhone 12 Pro. 

3. Water Resistance

We don’t recommend goinng for a 5 mile swim with this tucked into your trunks, but in your day-to-day life the iPhone 13 Pro can withstand any accidental water spills as well as things like coffee and beer. If you do happen to leave it in your pocket and jump into the pool, it will handle submersion in 6 metres of water for an impressive 30 minutes.

2. New Cameras

In the Pro series of iPhone 13 you get a 6x optical zoom range and 2x optical zoom out. Its wider image sensor lets in more light and its super wider aperture makes for great night mode shots – and we all know that more light means better photos.

1. LiDAR Scanner

This nifty feature measures the amount of time it takes for light to reflect back from an object by firing laser beams at different parts of your environment. This high-resolution data helps span the camera’s field of view and creates a vastly improved range in your photography for up to 5 metres and also has applications in a wide range of futuristic Apps currently being developed.  

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