August 19, 2022

Top Five Crazy Dangerous Extreme Sports

Author: Top Five Crazy Dangerous Extreme Sports

We are back, and counting down the Top Five Crazy Dangerous Extreme Sports. Let us know in the comments below if you have done any of these or think you would like too.

5. Volcano Surfing

Almost as crazy as it sounds this extreme sport is also commonly referred to as volcano boarding and you can find some extreme sports enthusiasts trying it in the most popular spot for the Sport, Cerro Negro in western Nicaragua. It’s quite simple really, you hop on a board and surf down the side of a dormant volcano while on the look out for flying chunks of ash, debris and the occasional explosive lava eruption.

4. Highlining

This form of slack lining reaches epic heights when taken to the mountain ranges and canyons. You have to be in good shape for this extreme sport and have razor sharp focus as one wrong step and there is the possibility of plummeting to your immediate death. 

3. Free Soloing

The extreme version of what is already an extreme sport, free soloing is the sport of climbing with no trade gear, bolts, ropes or artificial assistance to catch you if you fall. Although we admire the courage of these unbelievable athletes and the freedom of climbing untethered to a rock face could possible be one of the greatest experiences ever.. We are going to give this one a pass.

2. Tow-in Surfing

Surfers who were unable to break the 30 foot wave barrier can now experience far bigger waves by being towed into the massive swells they’d never have been able to reach when paddling regularly. Of course while Tow-in Surfing you do run the risk of being flattened by a wave the height of a three-storey building but speed junkies don’t let that stop them. If your buddy has a jet ski and you can hold your breathe for 2 minutes then you’re in business.

1. Wingsuit Flying

If the idea of bungee or base jumping makes you nervous then you will want to give Wing Suit Flying a skip. This form of skydiving includes a webbing-sleeved jumpsuit to help increase the diver’s lift instead of just free falling. A parachute is needed for a safe landing but before that gets deployed, you can enjoy prolonged time in the air with decent speeds as slow as 25 miles per hour and insane horizontal speeds of up to 220 mph.

Frequently Asked Question:

Which extreme sport is the most dangerous?

lt is undoubtably BASE Jumping, for anyone not in the know that is the recreational sport of leaping from fixed objects and quickly using a parachute to descend safely to the ground. How dangerous is it..? Well death rates are 43 times higher than that of parachuting from an aircraft. As of 13 September 2021, the BASE Jumping Fatality List records 412 deaths, so yeah pretty risky.

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