August 8, 2022

Top Five Bizarre Things Hidden in Famous Paintings

Author: Top Five Bizarre Things Hidden in Paintings

Welcome to Top Fives today, we are counting down our picks of the Top Five bizarre things hidden in famous paintings. Which bizarre item in a painting surprised you the most? Let us know in the comments.

5. Young Woman Powdering Herself (Georges Suerat)

This oil on canvas painting by French artist Georges Suerat was first exhibited in 1890. While it seems a fairly simple piece, recent X-rays revealed that the flowers in the top left corner were originally a portrait of Georges himself which he later one covered up. Why would the artwork include a portrait of the artist in the painting? As it turns out the Woman Powdering Herself was Georges mistress.

4. David and Goliath (Michelangelo)

This piece of Renaissance art adorns the ceiling of the Sistine chapel and was painted by none other than Michelangelo in 1509 it depicts David defeating Goliath and at first glance you wouldn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. But there is a hidden symbol meaning in David’s stance over Goliath that takes the form of the Hebrew letter Gimmel and represents reward and punishment, which perfectly aligns with the theme of this masterpiece.

3. Topsy Turvy World (Peter Bruegel)

This aptly named painting was created by Peter Bruegel, the elder, in 1559. The chaos of the painting is intentional as hidden in the artwork are the depictions of 112 proverbs representing common truths about human behaviour. One of the easier ones to find is the ‘hitting one’s head against a brick wall’.

2. Patch of Grass (Van Gogh)

This relatively simple painting by Van Gogh hides another portrait underneath it, a technique the artist had apparently employed for many of his pieces. It was discovered In 2008 by two scientists who uncovered a sad looking woman hidden behind the blades of grass. Van Gogh was well known for reusing his canvasses multiple times as he at occasionally lacked the money for new art supplies which many assume is the reason for the hidden woman.

1. Head of a Peasant Woman (Van Gogh)

Van Gogh takes the second and first spot of our top 5s with his ghostly self portrait that was discovered on the back of one of his masterpiece; Head of a peasant woman. Discovered by the conservators at the National Gallery of Scotland after X-raying the piece, the self portrait was hidden behind layers of glue and cardboard. Is it just us or are you also hoping they X-ray all the Van Goghs to find a few more hidden treasures. Let us know in the comments below.

Freaking Awesome Questions:

What is hidden in the Mona Lisa?

Recently Ultra-High-Resolution images revealed that Da Vinci had used a previously unseen method of sketching the original layout of the Mona Lisa with what appeared to be a light charcoal pencil. The original lines revealed among other things the chair she was sitting on and a hairpin that was later covered up.

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