July 27, 2022

Top Five Apple Ads You Haven’t Seen

Author: Top Five Apple TV Ads

Our pick of the Top Five Apple Ads you probably haven’t seen, check them out and let us know if we missed any in the comments below.

5. Two Kinds of People (1983)

The release of the Macintosh in 1983 clouded the Apple Lisa Computer that came shortly before, so it makes total sense that you might not remember the ad that hosted a very young and dapper Kevin Costner. The ad opens with the glow of deep orange dusk and a young fellow and his dog going for a leisurely cycle. The star is actually going to work and upon answering his office telephone, lovingly tells his wife he’ll be home for breakfast, hinting that his work is oh, so easy with the new Apple Lisa.

4. Macintosh Quadra (1991)

This ad is short and punchy and lures you into thinking you’re watching an ad for a new sports car. The aim is definitely to get you to think high-end, with words like ‘revolution’ ‘high performance’ and ‘power’ thrown around. When the camera zooms out, you see the Macintosh Quadra and the seed is planted for their professional-grade machines.

3. Macintosh PowerBook (1991 – 1992)

Apple shook the world of laptops by launching one with a built-in mouse and the keyboard pushed back, precisely for comfort in a confined space. This was brilliantly showcased in this brilliant Apple Advert with the contrast of a small computer and a very large Kareem Abdul-Jabbar flying coach with his Macintosh Powerbook.

2. Dinosaurs (1994)

When a father wants to show his son some dinosaurs – a dig at Windows that a lot of people  thought was fair as at the time setting up an early Windows PC to run CD-ROM multimedia was a technical nightmare. The dad’s genuine confusion at the PC’s instructions and mumbled expression of ‘loading Windows’ coupled with the boy’s growing boredom and decisive exit to his friend’s house, with an adorable, yet simple, ‘They have a Mac’ makes this ad one of our favourites.

1. iPhone 4S (2011)

Apple continued their streak of using award-winning actors, this one featuring John Malkovich. The simplistic ad shows Malkovich sitting in a chair, chatting with Siri and highlights the iPhone 4S’ capabilities and shows that Apple users are never bored when they have Siri for company.

A Frequently Asked Question:

Why are Apple ads so good?

Apple has built their marketing around simplicity, clear and consistent positioning and the fact that their products are just so damn cool can’t hurt. You will notice in most of their TV advertisements they don’t rely on spec sheets and feature descriptions they believe the products speak for themselves.

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