January 3, 2023

Top 5s Best TV Ads for Kids from the 1980s

Top 5s Best TV Ads for Kids from the 1980s

Welcome to Top 5s, be ready because our list features totally tubular kids’ toy commercials from the 1980s! Ads from that time used short but captivating songs whose lyrics would be the sales pitches for the products while being unforgettable for viewers too! 

5. Popeye Quaker Oats (1989)

Popeye, the sailor man, was a popular character kids loved from TV and comics because they knew that his muscles would suddenly grow when he ate a can of spinach. However, Quaker had an innovative yet simple way of marketing their product by convincing kids that if they ate their oats, they would grow strong like Popeye. The box even included a cool comic too! “Popeye wants a Quaker” had an iconic jingle and appealed to many children because it was animated too. Great way to get kids to add nutrition to their diets!  

Popeye Quaker Oats (1989)

4. Kenner Care Bear Plush Toys Ad (1983) 

These ads and toys are the kinds that make kids feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. These cuddly and colourful toys displayed emotions and powers stitched onto their adorable stomachs. It captured audiences as their special powers offered something for everyone in each season of life. Kids would share them, play with and care for their care bears! It really shows what an impact TV commercial marketing was at that time because they became so popular that in 1985, they even got their own television show.  

Kenner Care Bear Plush Toys Ad (1983)

3. Kenner & Betty Crocker’s Easy-Bake Mini-Wave Oven (1981)

Kenner toy ads make our list again because this 80s collab was a little baker’s dream! The ad showed a family using the machine for baking cakes in only 10 minutes! The jolly jingle excited young chefs to have their own baking kit and became so popular because it looked fun and interactive for kids!

Kenner & Betty Crocker’s Easy-Bake Mini-Wave Oven (1981)

2. Galoob’s Micro Machines Super City Toolbox Playset (1988) 

If anything can describe the Micro Machine ads, it would be short, sweet, and to the point! It featured the Micro Machines man, John Moschitta, who at the time held a Guinness World Record for the fastest talker in the world. The ads were catchy and had 30 seconds of ridiculous talking with awesome “micro-coolness.” Unfortunately, because every kid wanted these miniture vehicles and playsets, that it inspired copycat companies to create cheaper versions of the toys. They then came up with the famous line, “Remember, if it doesn’t say ‘Micro Machine,’ it’s not the real thing!”- pure genius!

Galoob’s Micro Machines Super City Toolbox Playset (1988) 

1. Mattel’s Monchhichi Ad (1985)

Who can forget the iconic jingle “Moncchihi, Monchhchi” from this 1985 commercial? It’s so catchy that, to this day it is notorious for getting stuck in people’s heads! Made in Japan, Monchhici monkeys are stuffed animals that come in various styles and types. Known for their cuddly bodies, hard shell plastic faces, and thumb bottle, kids of the 80s fell in love with them and can still remember these iconic ads. They are still being sold today online and in store in many different locations.

Mattel’s Monchhichi Ad (1985)

 You’ve made it to the end of our list; we’d love to know what commercial did you enjoy most and did you get childhood flashbacks? Thank you for watching, please subscribe and don’t forget to turn on our notification bell, to never miss another video!

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What is the funniest commercial of all time?

There are 1000s of hilarious TV commercials out there but our vote for funniest TV commercial of all time is the John West Salmon “Bear” commercial from the 2000’s. Check it out here:

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